On the technical side a one stop service is provided by the company and its associates:

· Desktop Evaluation for prospectivety;

· Exploration Right Application inclusive of Prospecting Works Programs and Environmental Management

Plans for Prospecting;

· Exploration execution and management inclusive of all intrusive and non-intrusive work, all drilling and

analysis work, all bulk sampling, feasibility studies and geological studies;

· Project Management services;

· The compilation of Investor’s Memorandums for listings and sophisticated investors;

· Bankable Studies and Competent Person’s Report;

· Small Scale Mining and Bulk Sample Applications;

· Section 11 Ministerial Consent to Transfer Rights;

· Section 102 Amendments to Exploration/Mining License Documentation;

· Mining Authorisation Applications inclusive of Social and Labour Plans, Environmental Scoping Reports,

Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plan and Mining Works Program;

· Structuring of Rehab and Closure Provisions/Guarantees;

· Execution of Notarial Contracts;

· Royalty Registrations;

· Precious Minerals Act Registrations;

· Marketing Analysis and Plan;

· Water Use Identification and Registrations, Integrated Water Resources Management Plan development and

Water Use License Applications;