Administrative services are optional and additional to the standard services provided:

Entity name reservations and registrations; Company Registrations and related documents; Setting up bank accounts; Company SARS Registrations; Shareholders agreements and company memorandums and articles; Funding Agreements;  Structuring Agreements;  Surface Owner Agreements;  Marketing Agreements;  Tittle deed searches and sourcing;

The company’s administrative personnel and programs will serve as the backbone for these services:

SARS Income Tax Registration;  VAT registration; UIF, SDL, PAYE registration as required; Provisional Tax Returns; VAT Returns; UIF, SDL and PAYE Returns; Basic Accounting Structure Setup as per Pastel Partner; Payroll setup and administration for limited personnel; Limited accounting administration (debtors, creditors) for projects; Optional data capturing and financial system management; Optional tax and financial consulting, as well as audit functions, via independent third parties.